# Venus nv19 Upgrade Guide

# Precautions

  1. Upgrade all Venus products
  2. After upgrading, use the curl command to call version interface to check the version number; Interfaces of each Venus component can be referred here (opens new window)
  3. Check Pre/Pro messages on-chain status
  4. Check wdPost message on-chain status
  5. Check whether the block production is normal
  6. Check whether the gas fee related settings are in effect in accordance to configuration

# Components that Need to be Upgraded

component name tag commit
venus-auth v1.11.0 0c30588
venus v1.11.0 afd3d47
venus-messager v1.11.0 e4c4ab4
venus-gateway v1.11.0 877a851
venus-wallet v1.11.0 7afa1eb
venus-miner v1.11.0 a30f342
venus-market v2.7.0 61f2cb5
venus-sector-manager v0.6.0-rc3 134b502
venus-worker no upgrade required -

# Upgrade order

  1. venus-auth
  2. Venus
  3. venus-gateway
  4. venus-messager
  5. venus-miner
  6. venus-market
  7. venus-wallet-pro
  8. venus-sector-manager

# venus-auth

Affected function:

  • updated way for other components to obtain auth services

Dependency upgrade components: None


  • Use "--disable-perm-check" at startup to temporarily disable the feature of auth interface protection
  • Before creating a token, you need to create the corresponding user


  • The new version of auth will automatically generate a token named "defaultLocalToken" when it starts, which is used for authentication when auth-cli executes commands

# venus

Affected function: none

Dependency upgrade component: venus-auth


Compilation: first make dist-clean and then make, this can prevent problems caused by failing to upgrade filecoin-ffi normally

Should use --auth-token flag when starting, or modify configuration file api.venusAuthToken configuration item

  1. Check whether the vk file is complete after upgrading

  2. Check the configuration file after the upgrade; check whether UpgradeLightningHeight and UpgradeThunderHeight are normal through the log:

    UpgradeLightningHeight: 489094
    UpgradeLightningHeight: 2809800
    UpgradeThunderHeight: 2809800 + 2880*21 = 2870280
  3. After the upgrade, check whether the chain is synchronized normally

  4. Check the mainnet v11 actors code to make sure it is the same as the output below

./venus state actor-cids --network-version 19

# order may vary
Network Version: 19
Actor Version: 11
Actor CIDs
reward bafk2bzacebwjw2vxkobs7r2kwjdqqb42h2kucyuk6flbnyzw4odg5s4mogamo
system bafk2bzaced7npe5mt5nh72jxr2igi2sofoa7gedt4w6kueeke7i3xxugqpjfm
eam bafk2bzaceaelwt4yfsfvsu3pa3miwalsvy3cfkcjvmt4sqoeopsppnrmj2mf2
cron bafk2bzacebpewdvvgt6tk2o2u4rcovdgym67tadiis5usemlbejg7k3kt567o
datacap bafk2bzacebslykoyrb2hm7aacjngqgd5n2wmeii2goadrs5zaya3pvdf6pdnq
ethaccount bafk2bzaceclkmc4yidxc6lgcjpfypbde2eddnevcveo4j5kmh4ek6inqysz2k
evm bafk2bzacediwh6etwzwmb5pivtclpdplewdjzphouwqpppce6opisjv2fjqfe
init bafk2bzaceckwf3w6n2nw6eh77ktmsxqgsvshonvgnyk5q5syyngtetxvasfxg
multisig bafk2bzaceafajceqwg5ybiz7xw6rxammuirkgtuv625gzaehsqfprm4bazjmk
paymentchannel bafk2bzaceb4e6cnsnviegmqvsmoxzncruvhra54piq7bwiqfqevle6oob2gvo
account bafk2bzacealnlr7st6lkwoh6wxpf2hnrlex5sknaopgmkr2tuhg7vmbfy45so
storageminer bafk2bzacec24okjqrp7c7rj3hbrs5ez5apvwah2ruka6haesgfngf37mhk6us
storagepower bafk2bzaceaxgloxuzg35vu7l7tohdgaq2frsfp4ejmuo7tkoxjp5zqrze6sf4
placeholder bafk2bzacedfvut2myeleyq67fljcrw4kkmn5pb5dpyozovj7jpoez5irnc3ro
verified registry bafk2bzacedej3dnr62g2je2abmyjg3xqv4otvh6e26du5fcrhvw7zgcaaez3a
storagemarket bafk2bzaceazu2j2zu4p24tr22btnqzkhzjvyjltlvsagaj6w3syevikeb5d7m
  1. If not troubleshooting, the rust log level not recommended is set to trace, because more logs will be printed

  2. After the upgrade, you can use the command ./venus state get-actor t01000 to confirm whether the upgrade is successful

  3. Actor Migration

Through testing, the pre-migration time is about 80 seconds, and the mainnet migration time should be about 60 seconds

 # The pre-migration height is 120 heights before the upgrade height: 2809800 - 120 = 2809680
 Pre-migration start: STARTING pre-migration end: COMPLETED pre-migration
 migration start: STARTING migration end: COMPLETED migration

# venus-gateway

Affected function: none

Dependency upgrade component: venus-auth


  • When compiling, you need to make dist-clean first and then make
  • When starting, you should use the --auth-token flag, or set the configuration item directly in the configuration: AuthConfig.Token
  • Remove flag: --disable-address-verify, Check if the startup command is still using this flag when upgrading

# venus-messager

Affected function:

  • message replace
  • list --block command

Dependency upgrade components: venus, venus-auth, venus-gateway


  • When starts for the first time during the upgrade, use the auth-token falg, or modify the configuration file JWTConfig.Token configuration item first
  • After the upgrade, it is necessary to observe whether the message can be received normally and whether the message can be sent to the chain normally


  • The minimum value of the replace fee coefficient has been reduced from 1.25 to 1.11
  • When listing blocked messages, unfill status messages will now also be listed as blocked messages

# venus-miner

Affected function:

  • Added timeout mechanism for selecting message

Dependency upgrade component: auth, venus, gateway


  • [Auth].[Token] must be configured in the configuration file, and has admin permission in venus-auth, do not use the token from defaultLocalToken, you need to manually create one.

# venus-market

Affected function:

  • Added and adjusted some commands

Dependency upgrade components: auth, venus, gateway, messager


  • You must use cs-token when starting, or modify the configuration item AuthNode.Token

# venus-wallet

Affected function: none

Dependency upgrade component: gateway


  • After the upgrade, observe whether the signature is normal and whether the message can be sent to the chain normally
  • wallet new, import, and export commands have been removed. The purpose of deletion is to avoid misuse.

# venus-sector-manger

Affected features: fip-0061 wdpost algorithm changes

Dependency upgrade component: Chain Service component


  • When compiling, you need to make dist-clean first and then make

Upgrade verification:

  1. The program starts normally
  2. Pre/Pro messages are on-chained normally
  3. Block generation is normal
  4. WdPost on-chain is normal
  5. Storage power is increasing normally
  6. Verified deal retrieval is normal
  7. Various gas, life cycle, database and aggregation settings are normal

# Notes on Database Changes

  1. venus-messager added actor configuration and related commands, and adds actor_cfg table (opens new window)

  2. Added index to venus-market storage_deals table: CREATE INDEX idx_cdpprovider_state ON storage_deals(cdp_provider,state)