# nv18 Upgrade Guide

If you are upgrading chain service components from v1.8.x to v1.10.0, please read venus chain-service v1.9.* & venus-market v2.5.* upgrade list / 链服务 v1.9.*和订单服务 v2.5.*升级清单 (opens new window) first and pay special attention to the upgrade of venus-auth and venus-market. Before upgrading venus-auth, a user account needs to be created for each miner. Also startup CLI and configurations of venus-market major breaking changes made to it.

# About nv18 upgrade

We storngly encourage you to test out the upgrade in calibration before mainnet.

# Upgrade Timeline

Upgrade UTC time: 2023-03-14T15:14:00Z, which is 2023-03-14 23:14:00 in Beijing time

# nv18 compatible versions

# venus

Feature: support nv18 network

Dependency: None


  1. Compile: make sure to first make dist-clean and then make. This can prevent problems caused by failing to upgrade filecoin-ffi normally

  2. Check whether the vk file is complete after upgrading

  3. After upgrading, check the configuration file. And see whether AllowableClockDriftSecs, UpgradeHyggeHeight and UpgradeHyggeHeight are normal in the log:

    AllowableClockDriftSecs: 1
    UpgradeHyggeHeight: 322354
    AllowableClockDriftSecs: 1
    UpgradeHyggeHeight: 2683348
  4. After upgrading, check the status of block synchronization

  5. Check the mainnet v10 actors CID and make sure it is the same as the output below...

    ./venus state actor-cids --network-version 18
    # order may vary
    Network Version: 18
    Actor Version: 10
    Actor CIDs
    datacap bafk2bzacealj5uk7wixhvk7l5tnredtelralwnceafqq34nb2lbylhtuyo64u
    evm bafk2bzaceahmzdxhqsm7cu2mexusjp6frm7r4kdesvti3etv5evfqboos2j4g
    init bafk2bzaced2f5rhir3hbpqbz5ght7ohv2kgj42g5ykxrypuo2opxsup3ykwl6
    account bafk2bzaceampw4romta75hyz5p4cqriypmpbgnkxncgxgqn6zptv5lsp2w2bo
    ethaccount bafk2bzaceaqoc5zakbhjxn3jljc4lxnthllzunhdor7sxhwgmskvc6drqc3fa
    multisig bafk2bzaceduf3hayh63jnl4z2knxv7cnrdenoubni22fxersc4octlwpxpmy4
    paymentchannel bafk2bzaceartlg4mrbwgzcwric6mtvyawpbgx2xclo2vj27nna57nxynf3pgc
    reward bafk2bzacebnhtaejfjtzymyfmbdrfmo7vgj3zsof6zlucbmkhrvcuotw5dxpq
    storagemarket bafk2bzaceclejwjtpu2dhw3qbx6ow7b4pmhwa7ocrbbiqwp36sq5yeg6jz2bc
    storageminer bafk2bzaced4h7noksockro7glnssz2jnmo2rpzd7dvnmfs4p24zx3h6gtx47s
    verifiedregistry bafk2bzacedfel6edzqpe5oujno7fog4i526go4dtcs6vwrdtbpy2xq6htvcg6
    eam bafk2bzacedrpm5gbleh4xkyo2jvs7p5g6f34soa6dpv7ashcdgy676snsum6g
    placeholder bafk2bzacedfvut2myeleyq67fljcrw4kkmn5pb5dpyozovj7jpoez5irnc3ro
    storagepower bafk2bzacec4ay4crzo73ypmh7o3fjendhbqrxake46bprabw67fvwjz5q6ixq
    system bafk2bzacedakk5nofebyup4m7nvx6djksfwhnxzrfuq4oyemhpl4lllaikr64
    cron bafk2bzacedcbtsifegiu432m5tysjzkxkmoczxscb6hqpmrr6img7xzdbbs2g
  6. When not debugging, it is not recommended is set the rust log level to trace as too much logs may be printed

  7. After upgrading, you can use the command ./venus state get-actor t01000 to confirm whether the upgrade is successful

  8. Actor Migration

    The pre-migration height is 60 epoch before the upgrade epoch of 2683288
    Pre-migration start: STARTING pre-migration end: COMPLETED pre-migration
    migration started: STARTING migration ended: COMPLETED migration
  9. Configuration changes

    # Added fevm related configuration, where the enableEthRPC field is used to control whether to enable ETH RPC, the default is false
    "fevm": {
        "enableEthRPC": false,
        "ethTxHashMappingLifetimeDays": 0,
        "event": {
                "enableRealTimeFilterAPI": false,
                "enableHistoricFilterAPI": false,
                "filterTTL": "24h0m0s",
                "maxFilters": 100,
                "maxFilterResults": 10000,
                "maxFilterHeightRange": 2880,
                "databasePath": ""
    # Added allowableClockDriftSecs field, default is 1
    "parameters": {
        "allowableClockDriftSecs": 1

# venus-auth


Dependency: none


  1. Check whether the command line can be used correctly

# venus-messager


  1. Added additional interface authentication



  1. Observe if messages can be received normally after upgrading

  2. After upgrading, observe whether the message can be on-chained properly

  3. ReplacedMsg is renamed to NonceConflictMsg

# venus-miner




  1. Check if block be produced properly after upgrading

# venus-gateway



  1. Compile: first make dist-clean and then make

  2. Check remote wallet after upgrading: ./venus-gateway wallet list

  3. Check miners after upgrading: ./venus-gateway miner list

# venus-market



  1. Compile: first make dist-clean and then make

# venus-wallet



  1. Need to unlock the wallet after restart

  2. Check if wallet is properly registered to the gateway

# venus-sector-manager

Compile: first make dist-clean and then make