# Contributing

PRs, bug reports, and issue suggestions are welcome! For major changes, please propose in an issue first so benefits and impacts can be discussed.

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# Deployment

# Running locally

  $ yarn install
  $ yarn docs:dev 

# Building

  $ yarn docs:links   # verify all links are well-formed
  $ yarn docs:build

Then deploy the docs/.vuepress/dist directory to the gh-pages branch of this repo.

# Deploy script

You can also run the following script to combine building and deployment together. Make sure everything is running okay locally.

#!/usr/bin/env sh

# abort on errors
set -e

# build
npm run docs:build

# navigate into the build output directory
cd docs/.vuepress/dist

# if you are deploying to a custom domain
echo 'venus.filecoin.io' > CNAME

git init
git add -A
git commit -m 'deploy'

# if you are deploying to https://<USERNAME>.github.io
# git push -f git@github.com:<USERNAME>/<USERNAME>.github.io.git master

# if you are deploying to https://<USERNAME>.github.io/<REPO>
git push -f git@github.com:filecoin-project/venus-docs.git master:gh-pages

cd -

# Notes:

  • When new documentation pages are added ./docs/config.js will need to be manually updated in this repo