# Introduce Venus Master Fellowship Project Phase1

The Storage Provider Incubation Center (opens new window) brings together the resources of the Filecoin Foundation and Venus Team to provide funding and technical support to small and medium storage providers.

The idea is to make it simple and convenient for small storage providers to join the Filecoin network by lowering the barrier to entry. There are two ways to participate (two sub projects): join the Incubation Center or be an Venus Master.

Some nodes from Europe, Asia and North America are running stably in the phase 1 of the Incubation Center with the support by Venus team and community. We are working on the preparation for the Venus Master program, so masters can get prepared and get ready when the phase 2 of the Incubation Center get started.

To be an Venus Master, participant must continuously contribute to the development of the Filecoin network with full experience in coding, mining or servicing. Selected Masters will provide consulting services and technical support to the storage providers in the Incubation Center, ensure these participants to expand the distributed storage pool service in the Filecoin network.

# Work as an Venus Master

  1. Provide services to the storage providers (expected to be 5) of the Incubation Center, services include helping storage providers connect to the distributed storage pool with Venus independent modules(venus-sealer/wallet), thus providing more storage power to the Filecoin network.

  2. Serve for at least one full phase of the project (3months).

  3. Sync with storage providers in the storage pool during debugging or version upgrades to make necessary preparations after receiving the notification.

  4. Coordinate testing with the Venus Dev team to verify the quality of service during the version upgrades.

  5. Provide feedback on the tools/implementation to ensure the continuous improvement of Venus storage providers’ experience.

  6. Provide feedback and suggestions on productivity and load balance, such as energy consumption, cost efficiency, etc.

# 1,000Fil+ Prize Pool

In exchange for their work, Masters will receive access to a prize pool of more than 1,000 FIL tokens, which will be distributed based on the length and quality of service. At the end of each phase, Masters can choose to continue their work by applying to be a part of the next phase.

# How to become an Venus Masters

To join the Venus Masters Project, fill out this Application Form (opens new window) with as much information as possible.

The application of phase 1 will start from September 20 to October 10. In addition to the documents already published, we will publish a series of Master Classes with tutorial videos and documents to help Venus Masters work better. The selected Masters can complete the learning process before October 31, and complete the testing in the provided Calibration network with the assistance of Venus team.

After learning process and testing, 3 Masters will be selected to start working in early November, so be consistent with the phase 2 of the Incubation Center. Participant who have any issues joining the Venus Masters can reach out to the Venus team by email(venus@ipfsforce.com)or on Filecoin Slack: fil-venus (opens new window).

Last Updated: 11/17/2021, 11:28:12 AM