# The phase 2 of the Incubation Center was officially launched

With the development of Venus architecture (like venus-market (opens new window)) and the Incubation Center Phase 1 , the distributed storage pool in the phase 2 will bring more improvements and benefits to the storage providers. Higher efficiency of sealing and more DataCaps are coming.

Thanks to the storage providers and applicants from Asia, North America and Europe who successfully joined in the phase 1. They have made huge contributions to the launch and development of the Incubation Center Program and encouraged so many developers, contributors and storage providers joined Venus community.

Now we are so excited to tell you that the phase 2 of the Incubation Center is about to start. We want to encourage more small to medium sized storage providers to join the Filecoin network to build a more robust and resilient internet infrastructure and preserve humanity’s most important information.

# Introduce Incubation Center Phase 2

The program continues to provide financial support and educational resources to small and medium storage providers around the world working with the Venus implementation of Filecoin.

Learn more and join Phase 2, please click here (opens new window), and view the participation process (opens new window).

Unlike the phase 1, Venus has supported the storage and retrieval deals (‘venus-market’ (opens new window)) through recent efforts. Based on this, the Incubation Center will send verified deals to the storage provider through the Datacap of Filecoin Plus (optional).

In addition, the sealing efficiency of ‘venus-sealer’ will be further improved. We will release a new version named ‘venus-cluster' (opens new window). Welcome to use it.

# Requirements for the Phase 2

Storage providers must seal at least 32 sectors per day (1TiB) to join the Incubation Center. Storage providers can continue to participate in the program until their storage power reaches 1PiB or run to the end of the certain phase, to allow others who meet the requirements to participate. Access to shared modules is free for participants who join this program. Rewards (opens new window) will be distributed among participants meeting certain requiremnts.

The phase 2 of the Incubation Center will run from November 8, 2021 through February 6, 2022.

# How to Apply

To join the phase 2 of the Incubation Center, fill out this Application Form (opens new window) with as much information as possible. The application began on October 20 and is expected to end by the end of November.

Storage providers who have any issues joining the Incubation Center can reach out to the Venus team by email or on Slack: fil-venus (opens new window).

Last Updated: 10/21/2021, 3:14:38 PM