# Announcing Filecoin Storage Provider Incubation Center Prize Pool

Together with Filecoin Foundation, Filecoin Storage Provider Incubation Center (opens new window) (Incubation Center) sets the rewards of 100FIL for each storage provider who successfully joins the center.

We are thrilled to bring these updates. The first phase of the "Incubation Center" (opens new window) has been running smoothly for 2 weeks. These participants include storage providers in North America, Europe and Asia. At the same time, thanks to their feedback during their operation, Venus has also recently made more optimizations to ensure the stable operation of incubation centers.

When the Incubation Center was launched, it was planned to provide financial and technical support for participants. Now we announce the milestone of bonus to encourage more storage providers to join this center.

Bonus/FIL Milestone
10 Successfully joined the Incubation Center and completed the PoRep for the first sector
20 Achieve 10TiB storage power and obtain the qualification of WinCount
40 At least 30 days of daily storage power growth reaches 2TiB, taking the data of filscan.io as the reference (if there are only 15 days, half will be obtained)
30 Continue to run until the end of a certain phase successfully

Note: the bonus will be paid uniformly after the end of a certain phase.

The first phase of the Incubation Center will run until October 24, 2021. Check this announcement to learn more. (opens new window) In addition, combined with the feedback received from storage providers since the establishment of the incubation center, the daily power growth has been changed from at least 64 sectors (2TiB) to at least 32 sectors (1TiB) per day. Participants can continue to run in this program until their storage power reaches 1PiB or complete a certain phase.

Note: If a node encounters network or other issues during the operation of the incubation center, Venus team or Venus Masters can provide technical support. Otherwise participants need to maintain a continuous power growth in a certain phase.

Interested to join the incubation center? Please fill in the application form (opens new window) now. If you have any questions about joining the incubation center, you can contact the Venus team via E-mail: venus@ipfsforce.com or slack us @fil-incubation-center (opens new window).