# Storage Provider Incubation Center Program

The incubation center program is announced on July 8, 2021 by Filecoin Foundation (opens new window) partnered with Venus Team (opens new window) as technical consultant. Details of the program can be found here (opens new window). Updates about the Incubation Center Prize Pool can be found here (opens new window).

# About the program

This program aims to ease small to medium sized storage provider into having better expierence of operating a storage service in the Filecoin network. Participants of the program will deploy their storage services using Venus implementation with minimum future maintenance and lowered hardware costs.

# Prerequisites

To take adavantage of the free 90-day shared venus modules (opens new window) of the incubation center program, storage providers are required to grow at least 1TiB/day.

# Application

To Apply, fill out the form here (opens new window).

# Resources

Venus Documentations: https://venus.filecoin.io/ (opens new window)

3rd-party audit report (opens new window)

Slack Channel: #fil-venus (opens new window)

Contact: @Joss-Venus (opens new window) or @Tim Guo (opens new window)

Email: venus@ipfsforce.com

# About Venus

Venus is a Go implementation of the Filecoin Distributed Storage Network, which focuses its resources on the following...

  • Security: Secure by design. Safe guard your keys and storage operation with our extensive security features.
  • Simplicity first: Modularized setup with less overhead in maintenance will get you started in no time.
  • Storage Pool: Share infrastructure with other storage providers to unlock your true potentials.

# More questions?

Find us on Slack (opens new window)!

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