# Retrieve rewards

When storage provider get block rewards from the network, 25% percent of the reward will be immediately released to your miner actor's available balance and the rest 75% will become locked funds and be released linearly in 180 days. This tutorial will walk you through how to withdraw your rewards.

# Withdraw balance from miner

Query available balance using venus-sealer.

$ ./venus-sealer info

Check available balance from the output.

Vesting: 102.474 FIL
The Available: 125.421 FIL

Withdraw available balance. Then check if your owner address recieves the funds using filscan (opens new window).

$ ./venus-sealer actor withdraw <FIL_AMOUNT>

List all addresses using venus-sealer.

$ ./venus-sealer actor control list

# Send funds from your addresses

venus-wallet doesn't support sending funds from cli. Sending funds can be realized by exporting private key to a wallet (opens new window) that supports filecoin. And then send funds through the said wallet.

Note that venus shared modules also blocks send messages for security reason, making your storage system more secure from potential attacks. This design makes sending funds less convienent but allows the seperation of an admin role and a node operator role for increased security.