Venus Filecoin

Venus is a Go implementation of the Filecoin Distributed Storage Network.

# Overview

# Ahoy, Filecoin community! Welcome to the Venus Filecoin tutorial.

Venus is a GoLang implementation of the Filecoin Distributed Storage Network. It was the first Filecoin implementation originially initiated and developed by Protocol Labs, and now is maintained by the IPFS-Force Community. It is currently under active development.

Filecoin mainnet is currently live. Visit (opens new window) for all available networks. The tutorials below explore the network using the Venus implementation.

# Looking for a introduction to the Filecoin network?

Filecoin currently offers several node implementations including a Lotus implementation (also in GoLang) that is currently the recommended default. For a more general introduction to the Filecoin network and underlying concepts that apply across all implementations, please visit the Filecoin Docs (opens new window) and Filecoin Specification (opens new window).